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We value simplicity at Marsh LLC as much as you value quality. And we deliver both.

We've all heard them - the construction horror stories about contractors who undercharged to get the job, and then tacked on thousands of dollars of costs as the project progressed. Word of advice: if one contractor's bid is more than 15-20% less then the next highest bid, you're in for an unpleasant experience.


When I go to the store and buy a gallon of milk, I know exactly what I am getting and at what cost. We try to emulate this same experience for our clients. For those who appreciate simplicity, you'll appreciate even more the exact pricing breakdown provided below.


Package Features:

-Most effective aesthetic improvements 

-3 Day Max Installation Guarantee (or it's free)

-We will not leave until you are satisfied



Aesthetic Remodel Package (price/sqft):
        *Price listed is for labor; client provides materials neccessary to complete job, as indicated by material           breakdown and quote provided by Marsh renovation and Construction following contract signing.
Interested in one of the Aesthetic Remodel Packages?
Here is how it works:
1. Go to the Contact tab and provide information about your project.
     -Explain house dimensions, stories, type of existing flooring, etc.
     -Outline ideal timeline.
2. You will receive a response ASAP.
3. Once we respond, we will setup a walkthrough of the property and take dimensions.
4. You will then be given a quote for material costs.
     -Materials must be paid for by client.
5. We will install materials for the requested package.
6. You then enjoy the final product!
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