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At every consultation we discuss the extent of architectural, structural, and interior design necessary to realize your vision. Our independent team of architects, engineers, and interior designers are extremely proficient at their jobs and our integrated approach ensures a highly efficient experience and seamless transition to the construction process.


Every project presents vastly different challenges that allow us to utilize the many facets of our experience and expertise. Our two in-house engineers lend to a construction process in a manner akin to that of the commercial building world - advanced material, scheduling, and subcontractor coordination is our greatest advantage that we extend to all of clients no matter how small the project.


The Portland metro has experienced many recent changes in both planning/zoning regulations and land value. Now is a very intelligent time to consider buying land and developing for a custom home or subdivision. Or if you already have a house on a decent size lot, constructing an ADU is a surefire way of capitalizing on rental market to offset your own expenses long term. There really is no limit to the options you have in terms of exploiting the space you already have. 


Custom homes:

- Developed lots (utilities on site)

- Undeveloped lots (no utilities on site)

- Demo/build - remove existing structure to build new

Accessory dwelling units (ADU):

- New detached structure 

- New attached structure

Conversions to ADU or additional square footage:

- Garage       

- Attic           

- Basement   


- Additional square footage on existing house

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